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"Past and Present" is a Tuneful, Long-Lasting Treasure

The Spindles are a band that soothingly harkens back to the joyful sounds of yesteryear but what makes it stick out is not the emulations of revered bands from decades gone (The Hollies, the Records, and some of the now long-lost indie power pop sounds of the mid to late ‘90s), it's the passion and earnest confidence and competence in its grooves that has won me over.

"Look Through Any Window" lights up the Hollies jangle so clearly, you could be convinced it's a forgotten treasure from that band IS exactly that. A perfect cover of the Hollies. You try and pull that off, dude. The jangle of "Whenever We're Together" harkens the Searchers' Sire Reunion years from 1979/80 and more than two other songs land in the valley of the lost greatness of the Records.

"Past and Present" (an apt and accurate title if there ever was one) was a solid, pleasing listen on the first pass but it's clear that the Spindles don't just plug in and land at 'good enough', they are going for 'no regrets' perfection. Indeed, it is on the following listens that you'll realize that these rotating pop spinsters have written a batch of carefully crafted, tuneful, long-lasting treasures (and toss in the covers of the Hollies and the Elvis Brothers and you got a dozen) that land this release in "Keepersville", which will allow you to return confidently to when you're in the mood for a taste of gripping, gentle jangle that twists in the winds as it soothes and salves your music loving soul.

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