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The Spindles “Past and Present” Album Review by Plastic EP, Melbourne, Australia, November 1, 2020

Check out The Spindles’ “Past and Present” album!  If you want to hear a great group with a unique sound, this is it!  They are the American Beatles of 2020!  Standout tracks are “Annette,” “Prisoner of War,” “Whenever We’re Together,” and “I Want My Baby Back,” plus others.  Their sound is fresh and it is the sound of today!

“Prisoner of War” kicks off the record, introducing and establishing the band’s sound for the fans.  One listen and you are hooked.  “Look Through Any Window,” a great hit for the Hollies follows, and the Spindles make this song their own with a great fresh sounding American approach as only they can.

With “Whenever We’re Together,” the truly unique Spindles’ sound continues and envelops the whole song.  Turn up the volume and you can play this song forever.  The harmonies soar and transport the listener right into the song.  “Young Heart” starts off as a slower moving song that then builds up to a chorus that grabs you.  It is ballad rock at its most classic.  “Almost The Same” has lead guitar tones that pull you right into the groove.  Get set to be taken into the Spindles’ vacuum sphere.  “I Want My Baby Back” also has a modern, fresh take on that classic ‘60’s rock sound.

“Peace With The Past” is another great one.  It is moving, soft sounding rock pop at its best!  “Beginning To Be Your Friend” is a story song reflecting on a past relationship.  Listen to the melody line of the song and hear how the guitar talks to the listener.  “Mrs. Miller” follows and it is a special kind of Spindles’ song about lost love with rocking out guitars.

“Annette” is my favorite standout song on this cd!  It’s just got that sound for any party and it takes you back to the ‘60’s beach fun times.  You just cannot stop playing this song! With “If I Fall In Love,” just close your eyes and get into another Spindles’ love song, with great guitar sounds mixed with great harmonies throughout!  “Santa Fe” closes the album with a driving song that you need to play in your car, and it moves with fantastic guitars!

So get out there or go online and buy the Spindles’ 12-song cd “Past and Present!” It’s one great groove after the other!  Available through Amazon, Apple/ITunes, Bandcamp, Barnes and Noble, CD Baby, Kool Kat Musik, Spotify, Target, Tower Records, YouTube, and other music providers. For more band information, visit website.


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